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A popular station which plays only Christmas music is preparing to launch across the UK on digital radio. Smooth Christmas will return for approximately six weeks from November 15th. Digital One is a national commercial digital radio multiplex in the United Kingdom, owned by. Smooth Radio Christmas – festive music service, ran from 1 November until 27 December 2011 and operated again as a pop-up in Nov/Dec of. Smooth Xmas is a public digital radio station radio.

UK Free TV shows the coverage area for a radio transmitter as a coloured overlay (orange Smooth christmas radio digital FM, other colours. Smooth Christmas returned to the Digital One multiplex as a stablemate of Smooth Radio and Smooth 70s in the lead up to Christmas 2012. [10] Smooth 70s celebrated the 40th anniversary of the release of Pink Floyd 's 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon by playing it in full on the evening of 22 March 2013.

Smooth Christmas. View your favourites here Add this station to your favourites These features, and others, are powered by cookies OK. Toggle Radioplayer Menu. Try our new easy listening, classical& carols and global online and mobile only Christmas music radio stations. Listen live online now. Digital Music: " Smooth Jazz& Christmas Jazz& Christmas Songs" " Smooth Jazz& Christmas Jazz& Christmas Songs" Go Cancel.

Amazon Music Unlimited. Listen to any song. Enjoy the best selection of free Christmas music online with unlimited skips. Choose from over 50 channels of holiday Internet radio. Merry Christmas! Digital Pack Sign out US edition. Radio head: Smooth Christmas Radio It might be seven weeks to Christmas, but one radio station is pretty much there already Elisabeth Mahoney.

Smooth Extra is playing occasional Christmas tunes, but if Smooth christmas radio digital a DAB digital radio, look for Heart Extra Xmas 2017 (or HeartXms) in your DAB station list. Smooth Christmas Player Controls. Toggle this station in My Stations. Play Pause Stop. Mute or unmute volume Set volume to 20% Set volume to 40% Set volume to 60% Set volume to 80% Set volume to 100%.

Loading. On Air. Current Show: Outside the UK? Listen to 46 Christmas Radio Stations. Christmas music consists of a mixture of genres played around the festive season. This may include the more traditional. As we countdown to Christmas, the children's radio station Fun Kids will be bringing you a daily treat!

Celtic Christmas Podcast Every few days from the beginning of December until Christmas, the Celtic Christmas Podcast shares with you the Christmas music and entertainment from various Celtic podcasts online.

Try our new easy listening, classical& carols and global online and mobile only Christmas music radio stations. Listen live online now. Digital Radios mean interference free listening to live radio stations. There's no hiss, crackle, or pop, no fading, no overlap.

Digital Radio displays the stations by name, so there's no need to remember. Virgin Media Digital TV subscribers in Ireland can listen to Christmas FM on Channel 900 (available from November 28th to December 27th only each year). On your Media Player You can listen to Christmas FM on many radio portals such as TuneIn radio or liveradio. ie It's that time of year once again. That glorious period to feel all festive and start getting into the Christmas mood.

Global’s Christmas station Smooth Christmas is returning for 2015 on the national DAB channel occupied by Smooth Extra. The station started life in 2011 under GMG Radio, and has broadcast most. Smooth Christmas returns on national DAB radio. Written by UK - Reporter November 11, 2015 - 1: 44 pm. Global's Christmas station Smooth Christmas is. Listen live to Smooth Christmas Radio and more than online radio stations for free on mytuner-radio.

com. Easy to use internet radio. The season's best Smooth Jazz Listen now! Some ask (" Please Come for Christmas" ), and some respond (" I'll Be Home for Christmas" ). Christmas music radio featuring your favorite holiday classics, new releases, and fun& unique channels. Having previously operated under a number of regional licences, Smooth Radio's owners, GMG Radio merged its five English stations into one quasi-national station, launching the brand on the Digital One national DAB network on 4 October 2010.