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Made By Mason: Meet Mason Ho’s New Signature Limited Edition Boardshort 21 May 2018 Designed by the legend himself, Mason Ho’s new Rockies boardshort is a must-have for the summer months. Mason Ho's Amazing Second Reef Pipe Christmas Present Christmas was the day Mason ho christmas the year at Pipe, and unsurprisingly, Mason Ho snagged one of the waves of the day.

If not year. Dec 25, 2015 · surfboard: 5'5. lost carbon wrap filming: Rory Pringle date: dec. 24 (Christmas Eve) location: one and ONLY North Shore OAHU surfing: mason ho BIG. Here comes Mason Ho, here comes Mason Ho, right down Mason Ho Lane. Chas Chidester and Sheldon Paishon pull in all the same.

The waves are hollow, the bottom is shallow, the lime is waiting tonight. But if you were on Oahu on Christmas Day, you would’ve been shooting this right. A Very Mason Ho Christmas December 24, 2015 By SURFING Magazine The holidays are about being merry and cheerful - and no one else in surfing brings more of these. The Inertia writers have one wish for Christmas.

Help Santa! Or The Mad Hueys! Christmas is just the dreamiest of times. The world covered in a blanket of fresh snow represents pure possibility! Anything can happen. The lion can lie down with the lamb. The stone cold surf journalistics can become super cool chillazzz. Mason Ho surfs in places where most wouldn't consider surfing.

He bounces off rocks like a basketball on a trampoline. He laughs in the face of cliff faces. So instead of talking about dreaming of a white sand Christmas, unwrapping gifts and the joys of winter. Pipeline had its moments yesterday. And the result was a jolly Christmas for the likes of Kelly Slater, Jamie O’Brien, Mason Ho, John John Florence and the rest of the North Shore. Dec 27, 2016 · Christmas day at the Banzai Pipeline saw a bombing swell and perfect conditions.

Here are the highlights grabbed from Surfline's Pipeline cam. Watch Mason Ho’s Hawaiian Holiday Ho ho ho. Surf - Index.

Xmas17 from rory @ digital good times on Vimeo. NXT / PRV. Watch Asher Pacey’s Cold Water Christmas Sesh On one of the best-looking sub-zero right handers. Volcom’s Road Rager at What Youth With Ryan Burch. Mason Ho may have snagged the best wave so far this winter, but yesterday it was Jamie O'Brien, Kelly Slater and John John Florence who put on the show.

And does that surprise you? All four of those gents are some of the best to ever Mason ho christmas the Pipeline dance. Fun things to do in Mason Since 1986 the Town Planner Calendar has been keeping families across America up-to-date about events and other fun things to do right in their hometown. Delivered free of charge every December to millions of homes across America, our full-sized, full-color calendar is a time-tested and beloved tool for helping.

Dec 28, 2016 · Mason Ho of Hawaii surfs on December 25, 2016 on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, following competition in Billabong Pipe Masters. Christmas Day at the pipeline was the best day of the winter season so far with huge tubes coming through great surfing rides and heavy wipeouts with the world’s best surfers catching waves and.

Dec 24, 2015. 5'5. lost carbon wrap filming: Rory Pringle date: dec. 24 (Christmas Eve) location: one and ONLY North Shore OAHU surfing: mason ho BIG. Here is Mason and his homeys, Chas. A Very Mason Christmas. Starring Mason Ho, Chas Chidester and Sheldon Paishon. Posted 9 months ago. By: Film. It's a Christmas (Seven Mile) miracle with Mason and friends on Oahu. From Stab issue 73: Mason Ho plays it, his surfing, his life, in the most original.

Mason avoids the vicious circus of Pipe almost entirely before Christmas, not. Dec 26, 2017. Mason Ho, Chas Chidester and Sheldon Paishon score razor-sharp slab. And since it's the holidays, Mason throws in a little extra Christmas. Jan 10, 2017. Mason Ho has made the most of the late season, making the North. what could be the wave of the winter during the Christmas day Pipe swell. Dec 31, 2016. COASTALWATCH | WAVE OF THE WEEK.

Video by Charlie Bennett Featuring Mason Ho. Christmas Day, Christmas Day. The swell didn't.